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 Julie Roth, MD

"I am happy to announce my new website - Neurostories.com - a free, open-access case-based curriculum in podcast + written format, aimed at teaching doctors and specifically residents and fellows about neurological issues in pregnancy and postpartum patients. I hope you will find these episodes easy to access and understand! 

Please feel free to distribute among your colleagues - especially residents and fellows! You can also "subscribe" to the podcast, which is available on Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes) as The Push: A Pregnancy Neurology Podcast. Each podcast episode features an entertaining, storytelling format to highlight a topic in pregnancy. So far, the episodes on Stroke, Migraine, Epilepsy and Preeclampsia/RCVS/PRES are posted. Soon to come are: elevated ICP, neurogenetic disorders, and Bell's Palsy/neuropathies. These episodes were made with grant funding through a state philanthropic organization called The Rhode Island Foundation (not industry-sponsored), and feature "expert interviews" alongside (anonymous) patient interviews.

I hope you enjoy and learn from them! Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or questions! Julie_Roth@brown.edu".

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