Abbas was born and raised in Toronto, but found his home away from home in the heart of Boston, where he currently serves as a forth year Neurology Resident at the Harvard Partners Neurology Residency Program. His journey towards neurology and leadership roles began early in medical school and was perpetuated mainly by the inspirations he received from world class mentors in Neurology that have served as role models for him both in Neurology and in building his leadership skills. His participation in leadership roles began early on in his medical school and graduate school years as he led movements including a polio eradication team in Pakistan and medical camps for earthquake victims in Kashmir, then worked for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada and also led a group of public health officials at the International AIDS conference in D.C as a public health student himself, to mention a few. He carried these skills forward into his residency training where he has represented his residency program at hospital wide resident committees and the patient safety & quality improvement council at The Johns Hopkins Hospital as an intern and further as a Neurology Resident at the Massachusetts General Hospital where he also serves on patient safety committees for the hospital. He has also served as an advocate for Neurologists nationwide at Capitol Hill meetings and represented the state of Massachusetts at the “Neurology on the Hill” Meeting held in March 2016 at the nation’s capital.

In his role as Chair of the Residents & Fellows Committee, Abbas aims to serve as a collaborator and resident liaison for the organization, and aims to bring residents and fellows across Massachusetts under a common academic umbrella that will foster both personal and professional growth in medical education and leadership roles. His goal is to have residents and fellows serve as a key membership body of the organization and foster resident and fellow participation in the Massachusetts Neurology Association biannual conferences through dedicated academic and leadership activities. He brings with him diverse life experiences which bring meaning to the leadership skills and academic activities in which he continues to engage. In his current role, he aspires to become a friend, colleague and role model to others who will continue to perpetuate further advancement in leadership in neurology and is excited to attract more residents and fellows to join our team.


  • Islamic International Medical School, Pakistan, MD
  • The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, MPH in Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Clinical Research;
  • The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Certificate in Health Finance & Management;
  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Osler Intern Program, Internal Medicine Preliminary Residency
  • Harvard Partners Neurology Residency Program/Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School Neurology Resident( PGY2-PGY4)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Vascular Neurology Fellowship (prospective 2017-2018)

Massachusetts Neurologic Association • 781-434-7314 •